John Louis Beard
(Cir 1732-1788)
Christian Snapp
John Beard
Mary Faust
John Lewis Beard


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John Lewis Beard

  • Born: 1796, Rowan County, North Carolina USA
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Died: 1876, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina USA at age 80

  Noted events in his life were:

IGI: AFN:1461-0DJ.

connection. Elizabeth Daughdril is connected to John Beard (c1732) & through an extremely complex system to me through the Larkinson clan via Thomas Jefferson (1743) - in the following way:

Elizabeth Daughdril . . .
Michael Beard
His father was John Lewis Beard (1796)
His father was John Beard (1767)
His father was John Louis Beard (c1732) & he also had Lewis Beard (1755)
He had John Beard (1797)
He had Elizabeth Beard (1833) who married James Randolf (1809)
His father was Thomas Randolph (1767) & he also had Mary Randolph (18010 who married Francis Eppes (1801)
His father was John Eppes (1713) who married Mary Jefferson (1778)
Her father was Thomas Jefferson (1743) who married Martha Wales (1748) in 1772 & they also had Martha Jefferson (1772) & who married Thomas Randolf (1768)
They had Virginia Randolf (1801) who married Nicholas Trist (1800)
They had Martha Trist (1826) who married John Burke (1825)
They had Edmund Burke (1870) who married Gertrude Storey (1872)
Her mother was Anna Cutts (1848)
Her mother was Martha Hackley (1816c)
Her father was Richard Hackley (1781)& he also had Harriet Hackley (1810) who married Anderw Talcott (1797)
They had George Talcott (1841)
He had George Talcott (1882) who married Leisa Archer (1894c)
Her father was William Archer (1843)
His father was Peter Archer (1798) & he married Martha Michaux (1801)
Her father was Jacob IV Michaux (1768)
His father was Jacob III Michaux (1741)
His father was Jacques Michaux (1700) & he also had Joseph Michaux (1739)
He had Joseph Michaux (1771) who married Anne Randolf (1787)
Whose mother was Anne Randolf (1764)
Her father was Richard Randolf (1725) & he also had Brett Randolf (1766)
He had Robert Randolf (1793) who married Anne Beverley (1801c)
Her father was Carter Beverley (1777) & he also had Rebecca Beverley (1803) whose husband was John Meade (1792)
They had Charlotte Meade (1833) who married Julian Ruffin (1821)
They had Elizabeth Ruffin (1859) who married Roland Broaddus (1856)
They had Louise Broadduss (1894) who married Harry Miller (1893)
His father was Joseph Miller (1850)
His father was Jacob Miller (1812) & he also had Emeline Miller (1856) who married Thomas Bacon (1836)
They had Richard Bacon (1889) who married Florence Catron (1892)
Whose father was Johnson Catron (1869)
Whose father was Peter Catron (1839) & who also had James Catron (1861)
He had Albert Catron (1885) who married Laura Funk (1885)
Her father was Lewis Funk (1850) 7 he also had Carl Funk (1883) who married Lura Harrigan (1888)
Whose father was Aaron Harrigan (1860) who also had James Harrigan (1897) who married Rhetta Cornett (1899c)
Whose father was Wiley Cornett (1877)
Whose father was Rufus Cornett (1856) who also had Marvin Cornett (1886) who married Zollie Livesay (1894)
Whose father was Ellis Livesay (1871) who also had Mintie Livesay (1892) who married Herbert Harrington (1884)
They had Edmund Harrington (1914) who married Ora Stone (1906)
Her father was Walter Stone (1882)
His father was William Stone (1830) & he also had Sarah Stone (1856) who married George Vaught (1845)
Whose father was John Vaught (1819) & who also had Matilda Vaught (1837) who married Michael Delp (1836) who also married Comfort Comber (1841)
Her father was John Comber (1814) & he also had Nancy Comber (1847) who married William Shuler (1846)
Her father was Abraham Shuler (1827) & he also had Ludema Shuler (1843) who married George Cornett (1837)
Whose father was Loyd Cornett (1810)
Whose father was David II Cornett (1788) who also had Juliann Cornett (1826) who married Hiram Lumpkin (1824)
Her father was George Lumpkin (1800) who married Abagail Cleghorn (1803c)
Her mother was Abagail Scott (1782c)
Her father was John Scott (1725) who also had James Scott (1750) who married Jane Cleghorn (1762)
Her father was William snr Cleghorn (1725c) who also had William jnr Cleghorn (1757)
Who had William Cleghorn (1798) who married Nancy Storey (1804)
Whose father was Edward Storey (1772) who also had William Storey (1800)
Who had Georgia Storey (1830) who married Orman Nimmons (1827)
They had Anna Nimmons (1858) who married John Powell (1857)
They had Lutie Powell (1889) who married John Burckhardt (1893)
Whose father was John Burckhardt (1859) who married Katherine Bunker (1872)
Whose father was Frank Bunker (1842)
Whose father was Alfred Bunker (1813)
Whose father was Rememberance Bunker (1785c)
Whose father was Zechariah Bunker (1732) who also had Abigail Bunker (1785) who married Stephen Brock
They had Stephen Brock (1808)
He had John Brock (1834)
He had Charles Brock (1869) who married Caroline Doust (1869)
Her father was Ozem Doust (1825)
His father was John Doust (1790)
His father was John Doust (1762)
His father was Ozem Doust (1737) & he also had Hannah Doust (1777) who married John McCrullis (1773)
They had Sally McCrullis (1798) who married Benjamin Ayer (1795)
They had Addison Ayer (1839) who married Sarah Barnard (1841)
Whose mother was Lucinda Flanders (1810)
Whose father was Benjamin Flanders (1784) who also had Moody Flanders (1813) who married Louisa Bailey (1812)
Whose father was Benjamin Bailey (1789)
Whose father was Dudley Bailey (1754)
Whose father was John Bailey (1721) who married Elizabeth Corliss (1719)
Whose father was Jonathan Corliss (1695) who married Elizabeth Moore (1700)
Whose father was Benoni Moore (1669) & who also had Mehitable Moore (1702) who married Ebenezer Merrick (1703)
They had Thomas Merrick (1738) who married Deborah Lawrence (1750)
Her mother was Eunice Parkhurst (1717)
Her father was Timothy Parkhurst (1689)
His father was Joseph jnr Parkhurst (1661)
His father was Joseph Parkhurst (1629) & he also had Mary Parkhurst (1657) who married Joseph Bodgett (1689)
They had Abigail Blodgett (1723) who married Samuel Greeley (1721)
They had Hannah Greeley (1747) who married Ashby Morgan (1749)
They had Mary Morgan (1785) who married Thomas Lovett (1793)
They had Catherine Lovett (1823) who married George Wilkins (1822)
They had Lucy Wilkins (1858) who married Carl Marcusen (1847)
They had Lucy Marcusen (1883) who married Ammon Tuttle (1878)
They had Helen Tuttle (1910) who married William Jex (1910)
His father was John Jex (1867) & he also had Horace Jex (1896) who married Jenny Lewis (1903) whose father was David Lewis (1880) & whose mother was Martha Beagley (1880)
Her father was John Beagley (1844) & her mother was Elizabeth Edgehill (1849)
Her father was Thomas Edgehill (1816) & he also had Sarah Edgehill (1845) who married Herbert Horsley (1845)
They had Sarah Horsley (1870) who married Daniel Rowley (1865)
They had Lillis Rowley (1901) who married William Larkins (1898)
His father was William Larkins (1856)
His father was William Larkin (1830)
His father was James Larkins (1803)
His father was William Larkins (1782)
His father was George Larkins (1756)
His father was George Larkins (1729) & he also had Charles Larkins (1756)
He had George Larkins (1789)
He had George Larkinson @ Malster (1817)
He had Frederick Larkinson (1865)
He had Winthrop Larkinson (1889)
He had Dulcie Larkinson (1926) who married Colin Davies (1925)
They had me - Robyn Bray (nee Davies) (1950)

John married.


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